Ava Lily Property was founded in 2020 with the aim of expanding on our already successful buy to let investment property portfolio in Cambridge and Middlesbrough.

We plan to invest in HMO properties, delivering affordable luxury living spaces for our tenants, with a warm friendly sense of community and successful, high returns for our investors.

Currently we are actively educating ourselves and taking part in the country’s most successful property developers mentoring program, to ensure we deliver professional, high quality, affordable HMO’s to impeccable standards.

We're building our brand around our core principles of:

• Creating luxury, affordable design led homes

• Cultivating warm friendly sense of community

• Delivering outstanding customer experiences

Ava and Lily May are our twin girls. They were stillborn at just 18 weeks old in 2017. This company and our lives are dedicated to honouring their memory.




Lee is a professional wedding photographer and property entrepreneur, having developed his property portfolio over the last 7 years.

Meticulous and calm - his experience in securing finance and negotiating property deals is invaluable to Ava Lily, as is his ability to ensure projects run smoothly and complete on time - just like on a wedding day!

As a past graphic designer, attention to detail and outstanding customer service is what drives Lee daily, in fact it’s one of our strongest core values.

Kelly is cofounder of a successful web development agency. An entrepreneur, she founded the agency in her early twenties and has been the Managing Director for over 17 years.

Her wealth of experience in project managing large scale digital solutions, across multiple teams for global clients, means she is well placed to help oversee the smooth running of Ava Lily’s property developments.

A designer with a strong eye for colour, vintage pieces and interior design, Kelly loves to create stylish living spaces with a luxury feel - places you can really call home.

Looking to begin investing in UK property but don’t know where to start? Ask us.